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    Der Andher is a mystery short film that talks about the search of the murderer who killed the daughter of a police officer. What happens thereafter forms the rest of the plot.

  • The Virgin

    The Virgins? is the rocking tale of a young man and woman on the cusp of an arranged marriage. It goes under their skin and explores how it is being caught up between the old world expectations, upbringing and what's “cool” now. Virginity-does it matter today?

  • Peg Phera-Hindi Short Film On Arranged Marriage

    If marriages are made in heaven and drinks are gods nectar, then mixing them can only help or can it? Watch ‘Peg Phera’ a comedy short film it may give you the answer. Marrying A Complete Stranger

  • Ek Tha Main

    There are no formulas to get success. A stunning story of a writer who doing fairly in life yet not satisfied with what he has and he chose to take help of 'self-help' book; what happened next? How this book takes a charge of his life and how eventually he gets out of it, to know more watch this brilliant short film Ek Tha Mein!!

  • The Blind Gunman

    When you come face to face to death, you begin to see things differently" Beautifully picturised thriller story of a Blind Gunman, who forced to kill his Mentor. What next happened to his life and how he shot his next target after he lost his vision, to know more watch this amazing short film for sure

  • Ansuni

    Love destroys friendship. Yes!! This can happen at times. This short movie tells how the friendship between two friends enters troubled waters when the boy professes his love for the girl.

  • Yeh Jahaan

    The 26/11 attacks killed many. However, many more than 116 were killed that day. The family members of the deceased have been left to suffer the agony of losing their near ones that fateful night. One such scenario is depicted beautifully in this movie Yeh Jahaan. Watch it for sure. It will lead to tears rolling from your eyes.

  • Maria

    Will you pray for the death of your loved ones. An old couple that has lost its son is under all sort of problems with the lady suffering from a disease that has made her life worse than the death. The husband can't see her sufferings and hence writes to the President of India to grant her the right to die.

  • Duniya Badi Gol hai

    A terror strike and an interrogation. This thriller Movie is a must watch that shows how the unholy nexus of politics and underworld is taking over and is creating unrest in the country.

  • I can hear you calling

    I can hear you calling is a suspense drama about a Girl who is being stalked by an unknown person. The story line is very engaging and the icing on the cake is its background score which keeps you hooked to your seat till the last moment.

  • Aramagal

    True love can make you realize your shortcomings. In this romantic short film, a couple realizes its shortcomings and find solace in each other.

  • Sach Me

    If you love anyone truly, all your wrong doings and lies will be forgiven. That is the power of true love which has been depicted beautifully in the movie "Sach Me"

  • Eden

    Eden depicts the frustration and the search for solace of two kids who see their parents fighting everyday. The kids go for boating as they think that the peaceful surroundings will help them shed the tensions prevailing at home but the events take a tragic turn.

  • Mai

    The pain of a mother who loves her child but has to leave him for 6 months for a job to make the ends meet is portrayed excellently by Ratna Pathak Shah in this movie. The thought process of the son who fears the separation of his mother is also excellently portrayed in the movie.

  • Bling

    This short movie is a rib-tickling comedy. Seriously !! Aimed at modern day lovers, the movie talks about the story of a boy and a girl who fall in love with the same guy. Yes !! You read it correctly. The boy also fell in love with the same guy. What follows next is a sequence of some rib-tickling sequences which you cannot afford to miss.

  • Uss Paar

    A brilliant performance by Jackie Shroff once again! A stellar effort by the director and a special mention has to be made about the splendid portrayal of the landscape of a desolate railway station. Jackie Shroff is 'comfortably numb' throughout the movie, perhaps overwhelmed by a personal tragedy. However, a speck of life can be seen in his eyes when he observes a young girl frequenting the railway station where he works. How he fulfills the wish of this young girl and brings a smile on a dejected face is what Uss Par is all about. The sensitivity and the pain depicted by Jackie in his role is the main highlight of this short film. This flick is really worth of each second spent in watching it.

  • Guzaarish

    Destiny brings together a separated couple after a gap of five years. Despite leading separate lives, their chance meeting in Kanpur thrusts them into a moral dilemma and harps on the boundaries of acceptable social behavior. How do both of them deal with this situation is what Guzaarish is all about. The audiences are treated with a love saga based on truth, loyalty and friendship.

  • Puzzle

    Puzzle movie depicts the unrelenting efforts of a man to understand the real feelings and emotions of women in his life but fails miserably to fathom what really goes on inside the minds of the female species. It is impossible to fathom the depths of emotions and feelings in a woman. This has remained an enigma ever since the existence of Adam and Eve.

  • Phir Ek Baar

    Love works in mysterious ways. Can you fall in love with the same person twice? A silent romantic drama about a 30 something couple who start drifting apart and find comfort in their younger counterparts. But is all love lost? Sometimes a tiny spark can rekindle even the most doomed of all relationships. The insecurities and the apprehensions of the couple are aptly portrayed by Mandira Bedi and Samir Soni. The film sets a perfect pace for the story to build itself. Phir Ek Baar is a beautifully woven tale of the tribulations of a married couple bound to strike a chord with all married couples.

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