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Shotz7 is first of its kind independent (india) short films aggregator in India and a first venture on such a large scale in India. Shotz7 will allow both professional and aspiring film makers to showcase their films to a wider audience on a national and global platform.

Shotz7 will be a unique 'on-the-go' entertainment platform for the Indian audience; a first of its kind platform for independent short films in India that brings the best of Web 2.0 to filmmaking and creates a unique film-viewing experience on multiple platforms.

Short films and independent films will be available on Shotz7 across multiple platforms such as web (Browser view) as well Smartphone applications(Android, Windows and iOS app) that allows the viewer to browse the content from anywhere; be it office, home or while travelling.

At Shotz7 we are bringing short films, independent cinema and documentary films in India to life for the next generation. Be a part of this revolutionary movement to change Indian Cinema!

Our Vision:

Our vision at Shotz7 is to fulfill the entertainment needs of our subscribers and provide them short, quality and meaningful entertainment while encouraging an old, yet nascent industry in the country. It encompasses the three main requisites of an individual i.e Time, Accessibility and Desire. Today's time constraints incline towards short and crisp entertainment packages that short movies/clips can deliver, secondly our "technology" provides fast accessibility by reducing buffer time and most important "Desire" is what we going to instill in our audiences through our content and effort Our aim at Shotz7 is to be the premier showcase platform for short movies, short films, independent films and documentaries in India. We aim to nurture new talent and bring them to the fore. Short films in India has been a long standing tradition in the film Industry in India, one that has won numerous accolades and awards on a global level. At Shotz7 we are creating a culture of promoting and viewing independent films and short films and entertain the masses by providing a new platform to understand and enjoy short films in India.

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