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  • International Women Film Festival Hyderabad - Celebrating the femenine!

    International Women Film Festival of Hyderabad is being organised on 7th, 8th and 9th March, 2014 with an aim to highlight women and gender related issues through films Iwff's mission is to entertain, inform, inspire, encourage and educate audiences to the issues affecting women through film screenings and discussions. we hounour those artiste and film makers who, through their creative work, actively increases awareness, provide multiple viewpoints, address complec social issues, and inspire audiences through their cinema and art. We invite you to submit your films for consideration for screening on the festival. THEMES: 1. iDENTITY 2. Discrimination 3. Voilence 4. Sexuality 5.Empowerment CATEGORIES: 1. Feature films 2. Documentaries 3. Short Films To submit your films http://bit.ly/1aJqHlo No entry fees, Deadline 25th Feb, 2014

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